Beginning work on identifying the difference you make, to your customers, can be difficult. Do you have enough information? Are the right people involved? Is there any information to collect? Will people be interested? How much of a plan do you need before you can start? Do you need a plan B?

Also, this type of work is not just about you but also about the people you work with, your team and your customers. Just sticking with your team, are you clear about their perspectives of their role? Also, how they view the difference they believe they make to your customers? It can all get really overwhelming!

So, a great starting point with all of this is to gather your immediate team together and get the kettle on. Get the flip chart paper ready and a few post-it notes and be prepared to spend an hour in an open and honest discussion. Then ask three questions:

1.      Who are we?

2.      What do we do?

3.      Why do we do it?

Simple questions, yes. But hopefully they will encourage everyone to put forward their views about their role and job, which may also include some assumptions and expectations. Now you have some notes on flip chart paper and some completed post-it notes. What next? We will be sharing our thoughts on this in the near future.