Street Wisdom in Stockport – Lets Discover the Answer to Your Burning Question

 In Give2Gain CIC, Stockport

In September ten of us embarked on a three-hour Street Wisdom led by Gary from The Orange Club UK We all met at St Mary’s in the Market Place Church

Street Wisdom: believe that our streets provide us with the inspiration to explore tricky questions or issues. All we need to do is take the time to pay more attention to our environment, and allow it to guide it our thinking. Gary’s Stockport Street Wisdom took part in three parts:

  1. First, Gary helped us to look around us and tune into all our senses.
  2. Then, he sent us on a street quest where we were encouraged to wander and really notice our surroundings whilst asking ourselves a question.
  3. We then gathered to share coffee and cake and talk about our Street Wisdom morning.

What happened? People reported a range of observations and findings. Some of us got stopped by concerned local people whilst wandering around. Someone took the time to donate to a charity box. Others visited local shops for the first time in months. Another person sat on a bench and end up chatting to a local lady. Someone else reported that they had met a work colleague and had a conversation.

What did we learn? We all reported that it was good to slow down and really notice everything around us. During our Street Wisdom morning there was no clock watching and many people found that very liberating.

“Fantastically useful way to spend a morning – I’m leaving with lots of food for thought, some actions, and some reassurance!”

For some of us, being out in Stockport during the day was also unusual, and provided us with a very different local known place to see. Other things reported were that there is a lot of yellow and blue colours in Stockport; it is a very hilly place, on lots of different levels; there are lots of old and new buildings with lots of interesting shop names, particularly in the market place. Overall many of our Street Wisdom wanders felt that they had had permission to just wander and that it was an opportunity to get lost both physically and mentally.

“I have never been on a walk like this before and it has opened my eyes to the many ways I can find answers to questions/problems/situations. I had no idea what I was getting myself into, but I am so glad I was brave and came along.”

Overall it was good to have the space to just be in the moment.

“Thank you for today. I really enjoyed the experience and your facilitation.”

How can you use what you have learnt? Some of our Street Wisdom wanders now plan to have 45 minutes of wandering each week. Others said they are going to walk more, pause more and notice their surroundings.  For all of us it was good to remember that having the space to be and notice really helps us stay connected to other people and to our environment. All of which can help us all address everyday issues and problems.

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