Why Tell Your Social Value Story?
Most of us want to work with like-minded people, who share our values. It is well documented that having value matched customers leads to increased loyalty to, and increased spending in, your business. Sharing your social value story, with your current and potential customers, will contribute to you finding and retaining the customers that you want associated with your business.

The Challenge
However we know it is not necessarily that easy to describe the value your business provides, as much of your giving back work is just part of what you do. We also appreciate that you are busy and may have no or little time to think about, let alone describe the great value your business provides to your chosen places and people. We can support you to manage and overcome this challenge, and help you take the next step to measuring your social impact and telling the social value story of your business.

Our Workshops

Designed specifically for socially minded and responsible corporate businesses.

Bespoke Learning Sets

work with your peers as you explore how you can describe the social value you provide.

Bespoke with you and your staff

Alternatively, you might want a bespoke programme designed for your business.

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