Margaret Powell is the Chair of the Board of Trustees at In her Blog, she describes some of her journey of getting started with social accounting…..                                                         

I can’t remember the date I first heard the term “Social Accounting” but I do remember thinking “what on earth am I getting myself into”.  At first, like a lot of people, I thought, how can I manage to find the time, I am so busy, but realised that the first step is to think big but start small.  I have done a lot of thinking, overwhelming going around and around in my mind. I admit that it has taken me a fair while to become used to the terminology used but slowly it has become clearer.

I now believe that Social Accounting is the way forward, it will be a huge asset to a very small charity run entirely by a handful of volunteers. The word Transparency has become, in itself, clear and probably one of the important tools that are necessary for success along with Stakeholders. I realised that I don’t, and should not, do this all on my own, firstly taking small sections, all of the stakeholders, everyone connected to the charity, should be involved.

By going though and following the steps, slowly but surely, I have made small progress by reaching out to a small group of volunteers, asking three questions about the charity, Who are we, What do we do and Why do we do it.  I don’t know what will happen or what the response will be, but that is part of the excitement of the process.  All information is welcome for transparency, what is needed is careful reasoning minds in dealing with the good and bad in some sort of way. 

All this work and information will lead eventually to a solid foundation on which the charity can build our future which will sustain us in the hard times to come.

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