Who Should Attend?

The Customer Conversations Workshop, is based on the community conversation, and will enable your team, or your Board, to explore their community connections, and impacts, with your current and future customers.

You will have already undergone some analysis of your business, or your team or Board will have attended our Organisational Review Workshop.

How Long is the Workshop

The workshop runs for three hours and will enable your team, your customers and future customers to take part in facilitated conversations that enable you all to explore what your customers want from you as an ethical business.

The workshop will use the following principles to enable meaningful conversations to take place:

  1. Setting: will be informal with attendees sat in small groups.
  2. Welcome and introductions: the facilitator welcomes the participants, explains the Conversations concept and provides some context.
  3. Conversation Rounds: each round will last about twenty minutes and attendees will be encouraged to meet other people and have as many meaningful conversations as they can. The facilitator will manage introductions and everyone will be directed to post thoughts and ideas up on the ideas board.
  4. Questions: each round begins with a pre-planned question that will provide attendees with a focus for their conversations.
  5. Feedback: the participants are brought together at various times, during the event, to share their thoughts with the whole group.

What Will I Achieve?

By the end of the workshop you will have:

  • Explored key questions with your current and future customers.
  • Identified key issues of importance to your current and future customers.
  • Identified how you will seek regular feedback from your current and future customers.
  • Further developed your business plan, as an ethical business.

How Do I Register?

Price on request. Please contact Lynn via Lynn@give2gain or via 07948 549485 to discuss your requirements.

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