The Difference You Make: Business as Usual!

The Difference You Make: Business as Usual!

You have now commenced your exploration of committing to your social value journey. This is great, so next is to take a deep breath, because its time to remember you are not in a race and there is no time deadline.

You can take as much time as you need to complete your journey, because, as you know, this is not just about using a set of tools, but it is also about learning more about your business. In particular, the impacts you have on both people and places, internally and externally. All of which may not necessarily be at all obvious to you at the moment.

At this stage it is also worth considering how you might blend your learning, from the use of various social value tools, into your business. In particular, you will be using tools that will enable your staff and customers to share, with you, the impact your business has on them. Inevitably, this involves accepting that this is not an add on but rather the way you will be doing business in the future. Over the next few weeks or even months, you may end up modifying the way you do business both internally and externally. But no problem just yet. You have begun your journey, which is great. In our next article we will look at all the other possibilities that are going to be revealed to you. Until next time…………………

The Difference You Make: Business as Usual!

The Difference You Make: Committing to the Journey

In our last two Handy Hint articles, both available on our website, here,as seperate Blogs, we explored how you might get started with your journey to identify the difference you make to your customers. Having done the first exercise and had a go at making sense of the information you collected, it is now time to really think about how you can make this work in your business.

To help you do this, there are five key things you need to think about now:

1. Realise this is business as usual.

2. Create  a positive mind set of possiblities.

3. Identify resources needed.

4. Confirm your support network.

5.  Clarify the information you collect already.

What next? We will be sharing the next steps in the near future

The Difference You Make: Business as Usual!

The Difference You Make: Starting to Make Sense of Your Conversation

In the The Difference You Make: Let’s Get Started! article, we looked at what you need to do, to begin your journey to identify the difference you make to your customers. You started with some flip chart paper, and a few post-it notes and asked some key questions of each other. This led to a conversation and you filled your flip chart paper and post-it with comments. But what do you do now?

Firstly, you can transcribe all the notes into an electronic document. As you know, this a good way of keeping a record of the comments made. But you do not have to do this, you can just keep the original flip chart paper and post-it notes. The thing to remember is that they are your notes, so you can do what you like with them.

But what then? Let’s go back a step to your conversation. We are all constantly making sense of our environments, including making sense of what people are saying and doing……… we constantly analyse our world. So, let’s apply this inherent ability to the comments you have collected.

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  1. Step 1: Get everyone, who has taken part in the conversation, to look at the comments and get them to say what they think they mean.
  2. Step 2: Let the discussion happen, as everyone tries to make sense of what has been recorded on the flip chart paper and post-it notes.
  3. Step 3: Be prepared to discuss assumptions and expectations of what everyone thinks it all means.
  4. Step 4: Stick with it, your collective analysis is emerging.
  5. Step 5: Write up the key features of this discussion.
  6. Step 6: Circulate and/or discuss with everyone that took part in the original conversation. The purpose of this step is to check that everyone recognises the analysis. Remember they do not have to agree with it all!

Why not give this a try. It is not scientific, but it is based on how we manage all the information we come across every day. What next? We will be sharing our thoughts on this in the near future.

The Difference You Make: Business as Usual!

The Difference you make. Let’s get started!

Beginning work on identifying the difference you make, to your customers, can be difficult. Do you have enough information? Are the right people involved? Is there any information to collect? Will people be interested? How much of a plan do you need before you can start? Do you need a plan B?

Also, this type of work is not just about you but also about the people you work with, your team and your customers. Just sticking with your team, are you clear about their perspectives of their role? Also, how they view the difference they believe they make to your customers? It can all get really overwhelming!

So, a great starting point with all of this is to gather your immediate team together and get the kettle on. Get the flip chart paper ready and a few post-it notes and be prepared to spend an hour in an open and honest discussion. Then ask three questions:

1.      Who are we?

2.      What do we do?

3.      Why do we do it?

Simple questions, yes. But hopefully they will encourage everyone to put forward their views about their role and job, which may also include some assumptions and expectations. Now you have some notes on flip chart paper and some completed post-it notes. What next? We will be sharing our thoughts on this in the near future.