We work with socially minded and responsible businesses and help them grow better by describing the difference they make to their customers and communities.

Why measure your social capital and impact and tell your social value story?

Why measure you social impact and tell your social value story? Most of us want to work with like-minded people, who share our values. It is well documented that having value matched customers leads to increased loyalty to, and increased spending in, your business. Measuring your social impact and sharing your social value story, with your current and potential customers, will contribute to you finding and retaining the customers that you want associated with your business.

Why choose Give2Gain?

Lynn, our managing director:

• Has a proven track record in transformational change as well as building relationships and partnerships across the public, private, voluntary and social enterprise sectors.
• Is trained in social accounting, is a Social Value UK Practitioner, a trained ethnographer and one of the Directors of the Social Audit Network.
• Is an Associate Lecturer in the Faculty of Business and Law at Manchester Metropolitan University.

Lynn works with a number of consultants, who have a range of social accounting and business development knowledge, skills and experience to ensure that you are provided with all the help and support you need to develop your social accounting knowledge and skills and report your social impact.

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