The Give2Gain Community Time Bank is based in central Stockport.  As a local community Timebank, we are keen for local people of any age and from any background to join us.

We run weekly Connect meetings; a monthly Thursday Skills Exchange and monthly Connect events that enable local people to share what they like doing; what they would to know more about; how they can help others and the help they would like.


The purpose of the Give2Gain Community Time bank is to enable local people to help others in their community and be rewarded for it …in time. In addition to this, we have a ‘Good Neighbour’ return home from hospital scheme that all our Members are invited to join.

The Give2Gain Time Bank is a member of Timebanking UK and is therefore able to access a range of support, documents and guidance which enables us to provide a safe and productive environment for time exchange.

Timebanking is about helping and being helped, in this way Members use your experience, knowledge and skills to help others and also receive the opportunity for someone to use their experiences, knowledge and skills to help them.


We all have experiences, knowledge, skills and hobbies. At our events and meetings, we facilitate Members sharing these with other Timebank Members.

What help I can give

Experiences, skills, knowledge and the wealth of personal connections, of each of our Members, means that each of our Members are well equipped to help each other. Friendships and helping relationships are developed as a result of attendance at meetings and events, where introductions between like-minded people are facilitated by the Timebank Coordinator.

What I would like to know more about

The wealth of experiences, knowledge and skills of our Members means that we have a ready-made skills bank to share with each other.

What help I need

Many of us do not always like to ask for help. For our Members it is about getting to know each other and developing the trust, within a safe environment, to be able to make that ask. Again the wealth of experiences, knowledge and skills of our Members means that a wide range of help is available.

Want to know more?

Please ring Lynn, the Time Bank Coordinator,
on 07948 549485 or mail to:

Time Credits

  • 1 hour of helping someone = 1 Time Credit
  • Everyone’s time is equally valued. You give 1 hour.. your get 1 hour back.
  • Your Time Credits are banked on a computer for you to spend when you need them.
  • You do not have to earn Time Credits before you spend them. You can ask for help as soon as you are a Member.
  • You can donate your Time Credits to another person or to the Community Pot.
  • No cash is involved.

How timebanking can help you

  • Is free and anyone can get involved.
  • Rewards people for sharing their experience with others.
  • Brings people together.
  • Helps people feel more confident and improves their self-esteem by valuing what they give, what they enjoy doing and most of all their life experience.
  • Makes people feel happier about where they live.
  • Gives people a support and friendship network.
  • Is safe and abides by the TimeBanking UK safeguarding policies and procedures.


It is easy to join the Give2Gain Community Timebank.

  • Just click on the following link  where you will be taken to the Give2Gain area on Hourworld.
  • In the top left hand corner of the page is a box that says Become a Member.
  • Click on the box and follow the instructions for completing your application form.

If you have any problems

Please contact Lynn on 07948 549485 or send an email to


We look forward to hearing from you!


Timebanking… the possibilities are endless!


A big thank you to Stockport Total Advocacy for their support,
which has enabled the Give2Gain Timebank to develop and grow.


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